About Kerman Rural Water and Wastewater Company

  1. In December 3, 1995 the law of forming rural water and wastewater companies was passed in the Islamic Parliament.
  2.  The Cabinet passed the statute of this company by referring to the law of forming rural water and wastewater companies, in the meeting dated July 30, 1997 based on common offer of Jihad ministry of construction and county’s official and employment organization NO. 2835/page/10 dated February 19, 1997.
  3. The rural water and wastewater company was detached from jihad ministry and became dependent on Power ministry by the Cabinet referring to the principle (138) of Islamic Republic constitution in the meeting dated June 23, 2002 based on the offer of country’s organization of management and planning, about executing article (2) of the law for forming Jihad ministry of agriculture which was approved in the year 2000.
  4. The Cabinet approved the statute of rural water and wastewater company of Kerman province in the meeting dated February 26, 2003 based on Power ministry’s offer No. 1/20/69442 dated February 26, 2003.